Daily Tasks

8am – Send approved Enhanced Averages from Corn Pricer updates to AGRISK group via email

8am – Reconciliation Spreadsheet for PJ119

8am – Refresh 123 Form Reports

8:00am – Check customer to house – make sure matches

8:05am – Submit Confirms to Echosign if all matched

8:30am – Check Delta / Exposure

8:45am – Apply payments from Daily Deposit

12 pm – Add new Counterparties

1:30pm – Match offsets between
– OTC Site
– Emails

2pm – Corn Pricer Updates / EA Sheet
– send to Ian for approval
– make changes as needed
– paste prices to EA Word Doc

Weekly Tasks

First Monday of the month – Submit all reports to brokers for approval and pay confirmation.

Monday – Check required forms and follow up with brokers.

Tuesday – Check website & update as needed.