Pay out reports are updated automatically upon form entry. Reports must be reviewed by broker for accuracy no later than the 5th of the following month. Complete the Reports Reviewed Form which will notify the back office of any questions or concerns in advance of payout date.

Bank Deposits / Consulting Fees – Consulting fees are entered into a form at the time of billing your client. When payment is received and processed at the Main Office the payment will be matched to the fee and a payout will be triggered.

Grain Dealers Payouts – Grain Dealer fees and markup are entered into a form at the time of trade. When the settlement process is completed by the Main Office the Broker Payout will be triggered.

Payouts for previous calendar month are made on the 15th day or the first business day following a holiday or weekend of the following month. ACH Typically appears in your bank account 24- 48 hours after the payout has been sent.

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