Customer Service
As a representative of the ARC group it is required that you provide
your clients with the best possible experience. To do so,
communication on a regular basis is critical.

Every time you speak with your client you need to go over their
farm plan – confirm farm plan acres, yield and average crop to stay
on the same page.

Reach out to your clients no less than quarterly to share with them
basics of our program:

1 – Agree to marketing plan – % in what products, % to pick
2 – Go through trades – tell them where they are, make
sure they look at their farm plan & answer any questions.
3 – Call to tell them prices, figure harvest delivery bushels &
storage, explain carry & roll carry.
4 – Dec – figure out what’s in bin & sell bushels, re-sign
See Recommended customer contact timeline on page 36 of your Training Manual.

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