Cold Calling

ARC does not cold call individual prospective customers without written approval in advance from the ARC Compliance Department; consequently, ARC does not monitor nor has it purchased a subscription to the National Do Not Call Registry.

Any associate of ARC who intends to utilize cold calling as a method to solicit customer business must first apply for approval from the ARC Home Office.

If approval is granted you must check all marketing lists against the FTC national do not call registry on your own. You can search up to 5 area codes. All marketing lists must be sent to and approved through the main office and compared against the ARC Group Do Not Call Database. Any contacts with cold calls must be recorded along with notes about the conversation, any promotional materials given or sent to prospects must also be recorded, any electronic correspondence must be retained for no less than 5 years and be done through an approved device. Phone calls should be made from ARC phone on recorded line and electronic communication must be through ARC approved email to be audited by the compliance officer. You must submit name and phone number of all contacts that specify they do not want you to contact them again via the form on your home page. Compliance rules apply regarding all claims and conversations with prospects.

You may call a consumer with whom you have established a business relationship with for up to 18 months after the consumers last purchase, last delivery or last payment, unless the consumer asks the company not to call again.

If a consumer makes an inquiry or submits an application to a company, the company can call for 3 months unless the consumer makes a specific request to the company not to call.

If you have any questions in regards to cold calling and the Do Not Call Registry, please access the Q&A page on the Do not call registry website.

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