Brochures and Other Pieces

All marketing pieces will be provided by The ARC Group to be used in client meetings, mailings, emails and any other marketing event such as farm shows. Do not create your own pieces. The pieces provided have already been approved for distribution by The ARC Group and have cleared compliance. If a time occurs for which it is appropriate for you to create your own marketing piece, it must go through The ARC Group and compliance procedures before it can be used in any way. Content must be submitted for approval no less than ten business days prior to first intended use. *

* If you are authorized to create your own promotional material, you must read and comply with Promotional Material (NFA Compliance Rules 2-29 and 2-36) AND complete the ADMIS promotional material checklist. You can find this check list in the ADMIS Compliance manual and must submit your material along with this checklist to the ARC Home Office no less than 10 business day prior to the 1st intended use. Material may not be used or published until authorization is received by the home office and compliance officer.

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